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Of course I was going to read it 37 on BPL's hold-list! PPW is chock-full of satire and snark, and for the first pages or so I found myself smirking at least twice before turning to the next page. Now most of the parents I interact with are good eggs. They clearly love and enjoy their children, and they're in check about themselves and their roles as parents. However, it wouldn't make for a viable satire if the stereotypes skewered wi It's about mommyhood in the neighborhood where I work.

However, it wouldn't make for a viable satire if the stereotypes skewered within weren't in play in Park Slope, and dear reader, this is a viable satire indeed thank you, Amy Sohn, for giving us the term, 'sanctimommies'! Actually, the end of the book left me unsettled and worried about the four main characters. Yes, they're more unlikable than your standard protagonists, and they each display variations on the spectrum of crazy, but guess what? Unlikable and crazy exist, even in Park Slope, and in the hands of an able author, you wind up feeling a little sympathetic for characters like that.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out in a sequel. May 04, Bonnie G. I made it 3 hours in on the 13 hour audio and had to pull the plug. The author took all the worst parts of Tom Perotta and blended that with the worst of mommyblogs and called it a day. She could not have more contempt for her characters if she were writing about Pol Pot and Hitler. What is without value is a novelist without empathy. Sep 01, Joya rated it it was ok. The premise of the book is great and and first glance I could see why SJP would consider it a great find for TV but the meat of the story The writing was all over the place and not very easy to follow which I think is the only thing that makes it not chick lit; you have to pay attention, and not in a good way.

There are so many characters that when Sohn goes off on tangents they're convienie The premise of the book is great and and first glance I could see why SJP would consider it a great find for TV but the meat of the story There are so many characters that when Sohn goes off on tangents they're convieniently italicized so that you recognize them it just adds to the confusion and adds little if anything to the story.

As far as the characters themselves They all make very bad and selfish decisions and really are a bunch of well financed complainers. There's no resolution in any of the stories. At all. As far as the celebrities in the book But it got their attention so I guess that's a win for Sohn. The racial tension in the book isn't really even tension.

It's more white people making gross stereotypes and assumptions about black people. For some of the situations it's almost like the book was completely written and she thought "I need more racism" and added a bunch of scenes that are honestly disconnected from the stories. And some of the statements she has the characters make are downright insulting and a little TOO well thought out if you ask me. If I were to meet Amy Sohn it would definitely be with one eyebrow raised. I'm can already forsee myself unconciously eyeing people suspiciously next time I stroll through Park Slope wondering what they think about me; and that's not a good feeling.

Jun 29, Maria rated it really liked it. The characters Sohn created in this book are mostly shallow, narcissistic and spiritually bereft. Fittingly, my investment in them was superficial. She accurately calls out the hypocrisy within a community of socially privileged people who fancy themselves populists.

It was actually pretty good. I could tell that Sohn was raised in New York Brooklyn and think that native New Yorkers will identify with her dismay at more and more 'hoods in NYC becoming overpriced, and inundated by faux-progressive collectivism. Her characters are entitled and totally unlikable, and that's what makes the book so indulgent but great. I love Sohn's snarkiness. Jul 22, Kate.

The whole transaction was very fast and furtive, much like a crack dealer slips a scummy vial to an eager patron over on Georgia Ave. And I consumed this book the way a crack addict might consume that vial -- fast, with plenty of self digust. And after a short feverish high, I now feel sick. Stay-at-home moms who alternately hate, kiss, and compete with one another. Gentrifying Brooklyn. Organic food. Marital dischord.

Social climbing. Sex and drugs. Expensive baby strollers. So, there you have it -- now you won't have to waste your own self-respect reading the book. Thank god the summer is over and I can go back to my drug of choice -- Orange Prize nominees. Feb 04, Jenny rated it it was amazing. I loved the story lines and crazy characters. Good character development. Sep 01, Shari W. A nice coincidence, I thought. I was looking for something fun, lighthearted and scandalous and the synopsis on the back made the perfect impression.

What a disappointment. Mostly, the characters were inconsistent and one-dimensional. I suppose in being "bourgeoisie breeders" readers shouldn't expect much introspection on their part, and in the end, they all get what they deserve , so to speak, but the story leading up to the final climaxes was so forced.

The reader is beaten down by celebrity name-dropping and shallow perspectives on motherhood, but they are all lame attempts at being savvy. The book has no depth to be satirical. Readers were simple suckered into an absurd, intertwining story about nothing in hopes of getting a glimpse into a place where we heard celebrities live. Sohn is desperately trying to shock her readers with a A life that we idolize in New York, but otherwise turn a blind eye to the gritty, harsh truth of, I guess?

But these "real" women barely have distinct voices, ideas, or personalities; it might as well had been written in first person. In fact, my biggest complaint with this novel is that Sohn did a horrible job at even separating her omnipotent voice as the author from the sentiments of her "characters. It was very confusing and borderline racist and it stems from Sohn's inability to share the overarching, larger picture to her readers independent of the snobby, better-than-thou ideas of her characters Oct 24, Toni rated it liked it Shelves: fiction.

Didn't care for this one. It may be a case of my expectations being too high. The tag lines on the cover of the advanced promo copy that I read say, "Finally there's sex in another part of the city Set in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, Prospect Park West, follows the lives of four married women during one summer. Rebecca starts to look outside the marriage for affection. And she will do whatever it takes to get these things.

Sounds like an interesting book right? Well it was, except for the fact that I sympathized with none of the main characters. None of them are likable, and all were pretty annoying to me. Also, there was a secondary story about race that ran throughout the whole book. But it was never really tied in cohesively and it was never resolved. The book would have read fine without it.

I can't really recommend this book, but I want someone else to read it and let me know their take on it. Sep 06, Dianne marked it as to-read. Brooklyn's famed neighborhood of Park Slope has it all: the sprawling, majestic Prospect Park; acclaimed public schools; historic brownstones; and progressive values. The more upwardly mobile New Yorkers discover its virtues, the more that claiming a stake in Park Slope becomes a competitive sport.

In the park, the coffee shops, and the playgrounds of the neighborhood, four women's lives collide one long, hot Brooklyn summer. Melora Leigh, a two-time Oscar-winning actress, frustrated with her car Brooklyn's famed neighborhood of Park Slope has it all: the sprawling, majestic Prospect Park; acclaimed public schools; historic brownstones; and progressive values.

Melora Leigh, a two-time Oscar-winning actress, frustrated with her career and the pressures of raising her adoptive toddler, feels the seductive pull of kleptomania; Rebecca Rose, missing the robust sex life of her pre-motherhood days, begins a dangerous flirtation with a handsome local celebrity; Lizzie O'Donnell, a former lesbian or "hasbian" , wonders why she is still drawn to women in spite of her sexy husband and adorable son; and Karen Bryan Shapiro finds herself split between two powerful obsessions: her four-year-old son's well-being and snagging the ultimate three-bedroom apartment in a well-maintained P.

As the women's paths intertwine and sometimes crash , each must struggle to keep her man, her sanity, and her play dates. Oct 26, Beth rated it did not like it. It's marketed as "Sex in the other Borough". I work in Park Slope so I know the neighborhood and the people who live here and I thought this would be a funny and satircal look at the neighborhood but no.

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There is not a sympathetic character in the entire book. They are all selfish, egotisitical, neurotic, self-centered, and materilistic. Basically everyhing that is wrong with Park Slope. The four main characters see themselves as the a-typical Park Slope moms but for all the protestations they are the typical Park Slope Moms but worse. It was really painful to read and sorry that I wasted my time. The only reason I would recommend it to people who do not live in New York is so they can get a glimpse of my customers in my store but I wouldn't want to put anyone through that torture.

Prospect Park West: A Novel

So come visit me instead. It will be more fun! Oct 22, Amy rated it really liked it. I got sucked into this book though it was a somewhat guilty pleasure! All 4 main characters are pretty loathsome, yet each of them stated some ugly truth about motherhood at some point or another that I couldn't help relating to.

The Melora character, however, is so ridiculous that she seems to be more of a caricature then again maybe some celebrities really do think and act like that! I don't live in Park Slope but I am a New York mom and Sohn definitely captures some of the unique difficulti I got sucked into this book though it was a somewhat guilty pleasure!

I don't live in Park Slope but I am a New York mom and Sohn definitely captures some of the unique difficulties of being a mom to young children in this city.

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  5. I presume Rebecca is the doppelganger for the author same physical traits and occupation. So then I looked for a mention of them in the acknowledgements--still nothing. And no dedication either. Jul 28, Angel rated it liked it Shelves: public-library , new-york.

    The characters in here are horrible, trashy people. But you realize that with the first paragraph of this book, so if you continue much further into it, it's no one's fault other than your own. For me, I equate reading this to watching the Real Housewives shows. I know it's bad and wrong and the people are horrible, but I keep watching, or in this case, I keep reading.

    And truth is, it makes me feel better about myself to make fun of the people who populate Park Slope. I have my reasons for this. Overall, I thought the book was hilarious, in a very cruel sort of way. It completely makes fun of all those things in life I abhor, which is why I found the book amusing. Making fun of people like this makes me feel superior in my own life choices.

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    Reading about these selfish, neurotic, disgusting, sex-crazed women and the way they hate their lives amuses me. It reads quickly. And as I said, if you find the first few pages offensive, stop because it only gets worse. May 30, Monica Tomasello rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary-fiction. I chose this book because I love the cover. It reminds me of some favorite childhood books, but I almost gave it up in the first chapter when it started out with a masturbation scene.

    There was a lot of gratuitous sex and Obama promotion. A good romantic sex scene is one thing, but this was just cheap, trashy sex. It's kind of amazing that I stuck with it, but I did. It was like one of those accidents where you can't look away. It was like reading a soap opera. I kept trying to figure out what t I chose this book because I love the cover. I kept trying to figure out what the point was and how things would work out. The reality was that nothing seemed to be worked out in the end. These four negative women were still in their same pathetic positions at the end of the story.

    No lessons learned. No character growth. I swear it was the cover that kept drawing me back in. I loved seeing that book sitting on the table. Now that I'm done with it, I may just take off the dust jacket and toss the book in the recycle. Jul 01, Elise rated it really liked it. I have always been a fan of Amy Sohn. She is not a brilliant writer by any means, but she always manages to grab my attention and the fact that she sets all her novels in Brooklyn is an added plus for me. Prospect Park West is a hilarious spoof or maybe not necessarily a spoof, who knows?

    I thoroughly enjoyed things such as her nickname for the Tea Lounge the Teat Lounge, because of all the nursing mothers who frequent it , as well as the moniker for Prospect Heights ToPoSlo, i. It's all in good fun and an entertaining read. I can't wait to read the sequel, "Motherland". Feb 04, Barbara rated it it was ok. Very disappointing. I went into this thinking it would be nice, light chick lit but I don't think chick lit is the right way to classify this book. It wasn't romance either but it did get pretty smutty I don't think I've ever used that word! My biggest issue with the book is that the main characters were highly unlikeable.

    I'm giving it two stars instead of one because it did give me some insight into Park Slope and stay-at-home moms and also because the narrator of the audiobook did a good jo Very disappointing. I'm giving it two stars instead of one because it did give me some insight into Park Slope and stay-at-home moms and also because the narrator of the audiobook did a good job - especially considering some of the content she had to say out loud!

    Jul 13, Heidi rated it did not like it. Having lived in Park Slope for over 7 years, I thought this would be a fun book to read and reminisce. There are all of the stereotypes of PS and ALL of the places - but instead of satire, the book is just plain mean. The location name dropping was old by the second chapter, and I did not like any of the characters - even all of the minor characters are caricatures with no heart at all. Best part about the book - it was a quick read. Jan 16, Liz rated it liked it. It was so much fun to read, I started it and finished it this weekend.

    I did really really like it, but largely for the kitsch value of it taking place in my neighborhood and maybe for the steamy scenes. There were a few things that were super unbelievable don't want to spoil it but I definitely recommend it -- you'll enjoy it, especially if you live in Brooklyn. View 2 comments. Sep 12, Missives From rated it really liked it. Great reading.

    I was sorry to see the story end, and I'll definitely be picking up more of Sohn's books. This would be a fantastic book club choice, particularly for a book club in the suburbs, because so much of what Sohn writes about Park Slope is really an analysis of suburbia. Oct 03, Nette rated it really liked it. I was surprised by the terrible reviews here, and I wonder if people are missing the point.

    This book is satire, not chick lit! Yeah, the four unhappy moms are awful, awful people, self-centered, entitled, greedy: they're deliberate caricatures. It reminded me of the books by Rona Jaffe and Erica Jong that I used to sneak out of the library in the 70s: juicy, name-dropping, dirty, and funny.

    And I stayed up until to finish it, which almost never happens. View all 3 comments.

    Sep 11, Aurora rated it really liked it. After putting aside "Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict" because it's - well, just dumb - I picked this up and started it. The smart writing, fearless satire, eye for detail and ear for dialogue that Austen fans love are all here. About halfway through and loving it. Finished it, and still say two thumbs up. Irreverent, smart, and funny. Fans of Jonathan Tropper will like Amy Sohn, and her other books are going on my to-read list! Oct 05, Becky Sandham Mathwin rated it really liked it. This book was so much fun to read!

    I read the whole thing this past weekend-I couldn't put it down. A very well written trashy novel full of satire, sex and snarky observations about upper-middle and upper class life in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Escapism at it's best for me, anyway! It reminded me of a Candace Bushnell book. Oct 12, Bianca rated it it was ok. Published in the s, this classic tale of an Irish immigrant family in Williamsburg, Brooklyn , chronicles Francie's life as she turns into a teenager.

    Prospect Park West: A Novel

    If you offered any character from Last Exit to Brooklyn a cold brew coffee or a kale salad, they'd probably punch you. Before Brooklyn's Waterfront area became a trendy apex of the art world, where Industrial buildings house distilleries and artisanal food markets, it was a gritty, working waterfront. Published in the s, in this groundbreaking novel of postwar Brooklyn, Hubert Selby Jr. From stories of alcoholic fathers to young Brooklyn guys getting into fights with men from the Army, these tales of everyday Brooklyn are powerful, as you peek into Brooklyn's darker pre-gentrification past.

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    The Chosen by Chaim Potok. Set in s Williamsburg during the end of World War II, this Chaim Potok novel tells the story of two boys that meet during a baseball game. One is modern Orthodox and the other is Hasidic, as Potok explores the world of Jewish identity in Brooklyn during the end of the war, and the years that follow through the friendship between these two young men.

    The novel, published in the s, is a must-read classic. The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem. It was hard to choose which Jonathan Lethem book to feature. In fact, it was a coin toss. The Outside World by Tova Mirvis. The book centers on family, community and the importance of religious choices. Brown Girl, Brownstones by Paule Marshall. Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn.

    Want to read about the sex lives of Brooklyn parents? In both novels, Sohn, a Brooklyn native, captures the sexy side of Brooklyn's parenting world. Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.

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    Maybe you just saw the movie, but the novel is worth a read. The Sisters Weiss by Naomi Regan. The novel, which involves a secret and a relationship between two sisters and the role religion plays in their lives. The book is set in Williamsburg and Borough Park and is a great tale of Orthodox Brooklyn and how religious restrictions can influence a person's life and family.