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Journal of the History of Ideas Lanham, Md. Thirteen interpretive essays. Ameriks, Karl. New York: Cambridge UP, Kant, Fichte, Reinhold, and Hegel. Anselm of Canterbury. Minneapolis: The Arthur J. Banning P, Sixteen treatises revised from volumes published by the editors in and Bataille, Robert R. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, Intellectual biography of the Anglo-Irish journalist and theater critic.

Bayle, Pierre. Bayle: Political Writings.

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Sally L. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, Twenty-seven selections from the Dictionnaire historique et critique , with introduction, chronology, bibliography, and notes.

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Benardete, Seth. Chicago: U of Chicago P, Benz, August. Galler Studien zur Politikwissenschaft, Bern: Haupt, If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. No cover image.

Ockham's Political Thought

Read preview. Sally L. Jenkinson's masterly new edition presents the reader with a coherent path through Bayle's vast work, uncovering Bayle's progressive views on toleration and elitism. This anthology is the first in English to present Bayle as a specifically political thinker. Jenkinson's authoritative translation, careful selection of texts, and lucid introduction will be welcomed by scholars and students of the history of ideas, political theory, cultural history and French studies. Excerpt Diversity in religion has its inconveniences… but, on the other hand, it prevents the development of corruption and obliges religions to treat one another with respect.

Political Writings By St. Thomas Aquinas; R. This was followed by volumes three and four in and In there appeared a work entitled Avis important aux refugies , which Jurieu attributed to Bayle, whom he attacked with great animosity.

Why study political philosophy?

After losing his chair, Bayle engaged in the preparation of his massive Dictionnaire Historique et Critique Historical and Critical Dictionary , which effectively constituted one of the first encyclopaedias before the term had come into wide circulation of ideas and their originators.

In the Dictionary, Bayle expressed his view that much that was considered to be "truth" was actually just opinion, and that gullibility and stubbornness were prevalent.

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The Dictionary would remain an important scholarly work for several generations after its publication. The remaining years of Bayle's life were devoted to miscellaneous writings; in many cases, he was responding to criticisms made of his Dictionary. His multi-volume Historical and Critical Dictionary constitutes Bayle's masterpiece. The English translation of The Dictionary , by Bayle's fellow Huguenot exile Pierre des Maizeaux , was identified by American President Thomas Jefferson to be among the one hundred foundational texts to form the first collection of the Library of Congress.

Bayle advanced arguments for religious toleration in his Dictionnaire historique and critique and Commentaire Philosophique,.

Pierre Bayle

Bayle rejected the use of scripture to justify coercion and violence: "One must transcribe almost the whole New Testament to collect all the Proofs it affords us of that Gentleness and Long-suffering, which constitute the distinguishing and essential Character of the Gospel. In a word, all the Mischief arises not from Toleration, but from the want of it.

The parliaments, which have proscribed all other philosophy but that of Aristotle, are more excusable than the doctors; for whether the members of the parliament were really persuaded that that philosophy was the best of any, or whether they were not, the public good might have induced them to prohibit the new opinions, for fear the academical divisions should spread their malignant influences on the tranquility of the state. Richard Popkin has advanced the view that Pierre Bayle was a skeptic who used the Historical and Critical Dictionary to criticise all prior known theories and philosophies.

Bayle: Political Writings

In Bayle's view, humans were inherently incapable of achieving true knowledge. Because of the limitations of human reason, men should adhere instead to their conscience alone.

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