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The study calls for new strategies to meet the needs of the populations most at risk of joining gangs: vulnerable children and young people, orphans and those without access to public services. It affirms the need to prioritize preventive social work in the most troubled areas of the country as well as the need to invest in education and employability. It also supports the importance of rehabilitation programmes in prison for former gang members who want to re-join society.

The study engaged 4, people who belong to gangs in Honduras, including in detention centres. Sixty per cent of the members live in San Pedro Sula, and 21 per cent in the capital, Tegucigalpa. Women make up 20 per cent of these groups, generally performing tasks that expose them to possible arrest, such as selling drugs.

They are often sexually exploited by other gang members. None of the women in the study had access to positions of higher authority.

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As part of the study, gang members and former gang members participated in a survey revealing that most had joined between 11 and 20 years old. Those who left gangs faced few opportunities because of their limited educations and because of the lack of rehabilitation services in prisons. Most said they wanted only to find a job, stressing the importance of Government rehabilitation services — including study aids, counselling and legal advice — for reintegration into society.

Conspiracy: Contemporary Gang Policing and Prosecutions

They also emphasized the importance of eliminating stigma and persecution for those leaving gangs. Gangs are known to target schools, bullying students, stealing their money, issuing threats and creating a climate of fear.

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In five secondary schools in Central District, 91 per cent of teachers surveyed said that their schools are affected by this violence and harassment. With an estimated 20,, members , the Latin Kings is mostly comprised of Latinos from a number of different countries. Since then, though, the gang has adopted violence as its own.

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The founders of the club started it in the s. For more information on the Mongols, you can check out their official website. You can even order merch and check out chapters. The club is estimated to have between 1, and 1, members and operates mostly in the American West. They span the whole country.

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  4. The gang has a presence in numerous states, spanning the whole country. The drug cartel is one of the most advanced in Mexico. Their history is fascinating too, as, at one time, many members were actually a part of the Mexican army which fought against the cartels.

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    But learning their methods, those military members became their own cartel and took over. The gang has 15, members in and out of jail. United States Department of Justice. White supremacists have been in the news lately, and that includes people associated with the Aryan Brotherhood. Founded as a prison gang more than 50 years ago in the notorious San Quentin State Prison, the Aryan Brotherhood makes up a small percentage of inmates around the country.

    Another motorcycle gang with its own website and incorporations, the Hells Angels have a worldwide presence. Officially established in in California, the Hells Angels now have a presence in 56 countries. The history of the Hells Angels is long and rich — with too much detail to go into here. In the late s, leaders of the two combined them into a larger street gang, which has been on the loose ever since.

    MS and the Other Most Dangerous Gangs in America

    Yet another motorcycle gang, the Vagos can typically be found wearing green and causing havoc in and around the western U. Formed in California in the mids, the Vagos have since expanded around the country and even internationally. They started as a prison gang. The Trinitarios are another gang, like the Aryan Brotherhood, that was born in prisons and has since spilled into the streets.

    In this case, the gang is based in New York and is mostly comprised of Dominican immigrants and their relatives.